Monday, April 28, 2008

I Love Swag

Last Thursday I attended "Girls Night Out" hosted by Brides magazine, Modern Bride magazine, and Lenox. No, I didn't pretend to still be a bride, as tempting as that was. I went for my sister-in-law, as she's getting married next spring. We didn't stay long because it was so crowded and wasn't quite as relaxing or fun as we expected. Imagine some 200 odd hungry brides and their bridesmaids fighting for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. Not the prettiest sight. But instead of bashing the bash, I'll say two good things. It was held at D'Or at Amalia Restaurant, and we all loved the lounge, especially their decor. Second, like the title says, I love swag. And the star of this swag bag was a T3 flat iron! If you're wondering what's so great about T3, please read all about the entire line at Beauty Snob. They know beauty products and have said nothing but great things about T3.

Next up, I'll be attending BFF Bridal's event tonight at the W in Union Square. The last event in September was definitely one to remember, so I'm looking forward to this one. More swag? Yes, please!


aus_chick said...

aww, i love swag too! went to the washington bridal showcase on sunday but the best i got was some hershey's kisses and a keyring. oh well :-P

Lauren said...

I was at that event too and was super exited about the flat iron - but I've never heard of T3 glad to hear that they get good reviews!

Michelle said...

WOW!! That is an AWESOME freebie! Haha, if I ever get married, I need to go to these bridal events!